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SAP Security Administration
Software Version Latest version of 7.0 SAP ECC 6.0
Course Duration Approx. 40 to 50 Hours
Course Type Class Room and On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview Security Administration: This course covers user administration, roles, authorization concepts, BW and CRM security rules, and other SAP Security administration concepts.
Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for those who have some experience in ABAP Programming or with Java, C##, .NET or any programming knowledge or any technical personnel, DBAs, Network administrators, programmers, undergraduate and graduate students, IT staff and managers and for those who wants to become SAP Technical Consultants or Administrators.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • User Administration
  • SAP LANDSCAPE and Architecture
  • Maintaining User Groups /li>
  • Maintaining System Parameters
  • Mass user creation procedures
  • User Monitoring
  • Securing SAP Standard Users (SAP*/DDIC/SAPCPIC)
 User Administration Tasks
  • Creation of users using SU01
  • Different Types of Users
    Dialog Users
    Service Users
    System Users
    Communication Users
    Reference Users
  • Password resets
  • Locking and Unlocking the users
  • Setting the expiration Date on the validity of the id’s and their roles
  • Mass creation of users
  • User Monitoring
User Groups and System Parameters
  • Purpose of User Grps
  • Authorization Objects driving User Grps
  • Defining Password and other Parameters in RZ10
Role Administration
  • Introduction to Role Concept
  • Creation of Single Roles
  • Creation of Composite Roles/Job Functions
  • Derived roles concept
  • Uploading and Downloading of roles
Authorization Object and Transports
  • Introduction to Authorization object
  • Maintaining the Authorization objects in SU24
  • Maintaining authorization objects in roles
  • Manual insertion of auth objects in a role
  • Creation of Custom objects in Su21
  • Concepts of Authorization Check in ABAP programs
  • Authorizations for Transports Release and Import
  • Transports the roles from Dev-QA-PRD
  • Authorization to Release and Import Transports
Trouble shooting Authorization Failures
  • Usage of SU53 screen shot
  • Usage of ST01 trace
  • Different options to fix the authorization failures
    Role changes
    New role assignment to user master record
    Role change approval process
    SOD’sand Audit Approval process 
CUA and Audit (SOD/SOX)
  • What is CUA
  • Advantages of CUA in SAP
  • Setting up of CUA
  • Setting Up Field Distribution Parameters in CUA
  • Distribution Logs in SU01
  • Defining Segregation of Duties
  • Tools used for SOD rules
BW Security & CRM Security
  • Difference b/w R/3 and BW security
  • Introduction to Info Areas and Info Cubes
  • Different types BI roles
    End User (Reporting Roles)
    Query Designer Role
    BI Admin Role

  • Usage of RSECADMIN t-code in BI
  • Authorization Concept in CRM
  • Different Auth objects used in CRM to restrict the Transaction
  • Creation of Profiles and Assignment of Profiles to users
Database Administration
  • Database Concepts
  • Managing Tablespaces
  • DB activities
OSS Note Application
  • OSS Notes introduction
  • Using SNOTE
  • Authorization Overview
  • User Administration Overview
  • Creating and Managing Roles
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